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Happy Camping- Enjoying Fire Roasted Candy Apples

This year we have a season pass to Snow Valley Ski Hill and one of the best parts about the pass is the fabulous events they host on a regular basis. This past weekend was World Snow Day, and besides skiing events on the hill, they also had Parks Canada set up a tent with information and activities. The best part was the bon fire and apple roasting. I’ve been camping my entire life, but have never made these delicious treats.  I’ve been meaning to blog about camping food (okay, mostly treats) for a while now, so this is a great post to start off sharing all the fun things you can cook over a fire. Violet is a very shy eater- she trusts nothing and is scared of everything- but gave these 2 thumbs up, even though they were something new. The best part is they’re easy enough for kids to make alone- and you don’t have to worry about the apple burning!

The Details-

Take an apple (we used simple MacIntosh apples) and stab on a roasting stick, making sure it’s secure. Put it right into the flames. The best part is you want it nice and blackened, so you don’t have to worry about holding it above the heat, like a marshmallow. You can pop it right in the flames, or next to the coals. Easy.  We roasted the apple for about 7 minutes,   as you want it heated all the way through and blackened all the way around.


After your apple is done roasting, rub it with paper towel to remove all the black skin. It comes off perfectly and takes zero effort. I would recommended wearing gloves as the apple is warm, but they’re not necessary. After the skin is removed, pop it onto a wooden skewer. We have these packed in our camping supplies since we often make kabobs over the fire, but if you don’t have they’re easy to find at the dollar or grocery store. Then dip the apple into a ziplock bag with a mix of cinnamon and sugar. There’s lots of variations with this- you could try brown sugar on roasted pears, or your own concoction of savoury spices instead. Violet decided afterwards that she would prefer just the plain roasted apple instead of one dipped, and hey, I can’t complain about her wanting to make it healthier.

Maeve is looking over my shoulder as I type this asking to make these “roasted apple pies” right now! It’s safe to she loved them. They’re the perfect combo of warm apple and sweet sugar, with the right amount of crisp- they’re not soft and squishy.  And they definitely taste like an apple pie. You could eliminate the sugar and make it  healthier too- definitely a satisfying alternative to roasting a marshmallow.

And that’s it. Zero clean up, very little effort and the most delicious “candy apple” you could eat.  Camping season is looking yummier already! Enjoy!

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